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Walhalla Mechanics Institute

In 1866, due to the ever increasing population of Walhalla, a committee was formed to erect a hall on an abandoned mining site next to the Bank of Victoria. On the 6th of May 1867 this was completed, and with great ceremony the Mechanics Hall was declared open. The building has been rebuilt on 3 occassions. A band of dedicated volunteers with the help of grants built the current building in 1988.

Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine

Originally owned by the Hercules Gold Mining Company who commenced digging in 1865 and struck Cohen's Reef after digging for just over 2 years. They turned south to follow the reef but had to sell out to the Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mining Company due to poor returns. The Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mining Company turned right and struck payable gold. They worked the mine for over 40 years and it was the richest paying gold mine of Australia for the year 18??

Walhalla Post Office

The original Post & Telegraph office could not cope with the volume of business, so a new larger building was erected opposite Allan's Empire Hotel and opened on March 20th 1886. Mail came to Walhalla 3 days per week from Traralgon, and 3 days from Moe. The Post Office survived the fire of 1888 that burned some 30 buildings between Maidentown Road and the stone wall south to the Post Office, and horrific floods of 1891. It has now been heritage listed.

The Chinese Gardens

Members of the Chinese community were doing well with alluvial mining by reworking abandoned claims and then sending their earnings back to their families in China. It was noted that they were able to grow vegetables in extreme conditions. The Chinese workers cleared an area of creek flats and began to grow enough vegetables to sell to the local community. This was one of the main sources of fresh food for Walhalla as well as produce grown by the Italian community at the top of the hill at Black Diamond.




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