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WALHALLA IS A UNIQUE PART OF VICTORIA WITH A HISTORIC MINING HERITAGE. This small Gippsland town was established during the Gold-rushes of the mid 1800s and has boomed and busted in spectacular fashion.Today, Walhalla provides its visitors with a beautiful living snapshot of the Victorian Gold Era. It offers an authentic visitor experience, representing the juxtaposition between the natural and built environment. The area is rich in natural attractions and Walhalla provides a base from which visitors can explore the region. Every year, over 100,000 people visit Walhalla, with a growing interest from international and interstate visitors. movicon-sm Read more & see video about Walhalla

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Old Walhalla Post & Telegraph Office

postoffice1-200 Built in 1886, the Old Walhalla Post Office was an impressive building that serviced the township through both boom and bust times. Somehow, it has survived severe floods and fires...

Walhalla Mechanics Institute

mechanics2-200 The Walhalla Mechanics' Institute and Free Library opened in 1867. The building was destroyed by fires in 1888 and 1944 but still stands today...

Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine

Exteneded Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine Daily tours of this historic mine’s 8.5km of underground workings extended to a depth of 923m below the machinery chamber - 150m below natural surface...

Creek Cottage Accommodation

creekcottage5-200 Presenting Creek Cottage Accommodation in Walhalla. A great getaway. Superb location. Affordable rates...

The Chinese Gardens

The Chinese Gardens Like many colonial Australian goldfields, Walhalla had a thriving and industrious Chinese community. In the 1870s, the Chinese Gardens were established...